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With government regulating private customer information, employees making errors and the threats of viruses and hackers, the need to protect your data is clear.  

Typical property and general liability insurance policies specifically exclude data recovery and lawsuits associated with using e-mail, public disclosure of private information or operating a website.

Ensurent™  has created programs for small businesses and large enterprises at address.

Small Business with 1 - 50+ employees:

EnsureData is an affordable option for any business to protect the data stored on a company computer.  The protection provides for Data Recovery, Data Restoration, and Data Recreation.

EnsureSmBusiness is a program that includes all of the above Data protection and provides protection if you or your company has a lawsuit brought against it for claims against Email, instant messaging, website operations and public disclosure of private information.

Larger Enterprises

EnsureEnterprise is the most complete solution available today for data protection and liability exposures for a wide array of businesses and professionals providing technology related services.



Small to large companies

* $20,000 to $75,000 (or higher)
     available to restore, replace
     and/or recreate data or a

* Programs starting for as little
     $ 100/month

                       About EnsureData™

Small to large companies

* Includes the Data protection  
     and adds liability protection

* Includes claims against content
     sent in an e-mail, posted on a
     website, public disclosure of
     private facts and more.

                  About EnsureSmBusiness™

Medium to large companies

* Protect your organization with a
    combination or all of the below

* Media Errors and Omissions,
    Network Security Liability
    (DATA), Cyber extortion,
    Business Income Protection,
     Breaches of Security, Network
    Business Interruption,
    Contingent Business
    Interruption, Dependent
    Business Interruption, Asset
    Protection, Crisis Management,
    Criminal reward fund.

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